Monday, February 14, 2011

Good News!

I have finally commissioned a good buddy of mine to help get my blog layout done and set up finally. I can't wait to see what her creative genius comes up with for the Blog Design! :) Hopefully it will be up by the end of the week! Yay! Thanks Elena!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

1500 Fan Celebration Winners!!!

We have reached our next Facebook Fan page milestone! YAY! 1500 fans and counting! Amazing! Thanks for all your support and love and I hope you enjoyed the 'Gift-a-way' as much as I enjoyed hosting it!

All the page names are linked so you should be able to click and link right to the page and connect directly to the Facebook Fan Page!! Remember you only have 48 hours to contact the shop owner directly or I will have to redraw another winner! Sponsors please verify the winner is a fan!!!

Thanks for playing and Congrats!

~Here is the Official Winners List~

Super Coupon Lady: Tina Kausek
Beaner's Bands {Purple clips}: Melissa Kimball-Engel
Beaner's Bands {Headband}: Ellen Spice
Doodlebuggy Bows: Kailee Adams
Just Poppy: Rebekka Sordiff
Little Princess Pretties: Liza Shannon Wheeler
Mommy Alicia Homs Glass
Aloras Attic: Amy McClure
Earlooms by Heidi: Hmh Kaufman
ELLAgant Bows and More: Crystal Dotson
Sweetie Marie Designs: Dawn Whitney
Halo Boutique: Crystal Calhoun McCord
2 Teens and a Toddler Boutique
{Crayon Roll}: Sheena Schlosser-Sellers
2 Teens and a Toddler Boutique
{Quilt}: Jenny Antasek
2 Teens and a Toddler Boutique
{Shopping Cart Cover}: Pamela Phillips
2 Teens and a Toddler Boutique
{Ring Sling}: Janis Priest
2 Teens and a Toddler Boutique
{Gift Card}: Colleen Maurina
High Heels & Combat Boots: Nikki Morris Thompson
Mommys Money Saving Madness: Taunia Gross Welch
Nag clothing and more
{Cinderella Bow}: Misty Leask
Nag clothing and more
{Gift Card}: Laura Curley Jordan
A Well Being: Raymond Manduley 
Bless others with cards: Kryzde McKee
Ericas 31 gifts: Alicia Homs Glass
LC Creations: Christina Hampton Kline
Greenchild Creations: Twoteensanda Toddlerboutique-Admin
Princess B (and Livy too) Designs: Amy McClure
The I Like Book: Cathy Brady Young
Huntingtons Disease Awareness: Vivian Ramirez
Sew Essentials: Tearsa Keith
RJMcCarl Photography: Natasha Durst
Scentsy Wickless Candles by Ashlee Independent Consultant:
Sarah M. Carter Wilson
Njcrochetlady: Michelle Rodriguez
3 Tiny Blessings: Anja M. Anjathisandthat
Hugs NKisses: Nucky Nik Nak
Minna Cosmetics: Jacki Earnest Nielsen
MaggieBelle's: Sandra Pickle-Sexton
My 3 Girls Bowtique: Melissa Ann McLaughlin Lein
Sprinkled Sweet Smocked Boutique: Maryanne Nelson
Megans Sewing Creations: Tenea Cannon
Cakes By Maleah: Dena Brown-Rushing
Mom in Training: Christina Ann Bonner
Tiaras and Trucks: Jessica Todd
MiniMittens Creations: Bonnie Dahl-Rediske
Nita Maes Garden Photography (Props Knit Crochet):
Nicole Berry
Berry Sweet Baby Boutique: Addison Kat
Piggy Tail Bows and More: Michelle Hyde Gengler
Cuddlebee: Sarah Shult
Baby 'N' Jewelz: Margaret Castillo Lafferty
Kreations AndMore: {10%}
Alicia Homs Glass
Kreations AndMore: {20%}
Brittany Riley
Kreations AndMore: {BOGO}
Audra Gibson-Garner
Hash Kids Boutique: Julie DeMoss Shaw
Dimples N Curlz: Ricki Lewis Winfrey
Pipsqueak Bowtique: Stacee Gentry Froning
Thirty One Gifts with Nan: Daphne Wooten
The Beaded Butterfly: Amanda Quayle
Lynns Tastefully Simple Page: Bonnie Carpenter